Peterborough Nordic Club Grooming Policy

  • General Policy

    1. All work will occur only on approved trails and property.

    2. All work will be approved by the Board or its designate.

    3. Operators of all equipment shall be approved by the Board or its designate.

    4. The Board or its designate shall be made aware of where and when trail grooming will occur.

    5. Grooming Notices (signage) will be posted while grooming occurs.

    6. Signage will be approved by the Board and posted at designated sites, namely access points to the trail.

    7. Grooming Notices and trail conditions will be posted on the Club’s website.

  • General Policy for the Operation of Equipment

    1. All operators must be trained, instructed and practiced in the use of the piece of equipment they are operating.

    2. Snowmobile operators must be licensed and trained to a standard approved by the Board or its designate.

    3. Groomers shall carry a cell phone as a means of summoning assistance.

    4. Groomers shall not exceed 5km/hr.

    5. If Groomers encounter people on the trail it shall halt operation until the people are safely clear of the area.

    6. Groomer will carry cards to hand out to anyone that has questions about the operation. The card shall have some details as well as contact information for the Club for further information.

    7. The Board or its designate will hold evaluation sessions from time to time to ensure operators are competent.

    8. Before going out on the trails proper operating procedures shall be reviewed by work party leaders.

    9. Work party leaders shall ensure knowledge of the proper use of all fuels and lubricants for the safe and efficient operation of the equipment to be used.

    10. Work party leaders shall ensure that all proper protective gear is available and in use at all times.

    11. Operators must not use equipment in poor repair or that represents a hazard. Operators must wear proper protective gear such as helmets and goggles or helmets with face shields. They must also dress in a manner that will ensure they are not subject to risk of hypothermia should their machine break down.

    12. The Board's designated supervisor of trail grooming shall ensure, through regular supervision, that the board's safety practices are observed by groomers at all times and without exception.

  • General Policies for the Best Possible Grooming

    1. The goal is to provide safe, firm, non-icy grooming suitable for the majority of users. Grooming will be done as frequently as needed to provide such conditions.

    2. Grooming will occur within 12hrs. of a snowfall.